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Memory foam mattress?

Dyshek memory foam?

Before the development of memory foam layers and mattresses, NASA was the first to use this material 50 years ago. Memory foam was used for the astronauts' flight seats in order to protect them from the powerful forces of gravity experienced in landing the spacecraft.

In 1992, it was first used by an American mattress company as a support layer over the basic mattress sold until then. Since then, memory foam has been one of the world's most popular mattress materials. It is a visco-elastic material. This property makes it dense, solid but very flexible at the same time. It takes shape according to the silhouette of your body and when you move it returns to its original shape.

The memory foam mattress has undergone many changes over the years. Today, three types are used in the mattress industry:

Memory mattress: traditional model

This is one of the initial models that was used and contains all the features we mentioned above. The only problem was that the heat did not transfer, the air did not circulate and during the warm period of the year it was very annoying to sleep in it. The two types designed later were designed to solve this problem.

Memory mattress: open cell model

This model has an internal structure different from the traditional one. It makes ventilation and air movement easier. Thus, the heat carried by the body is not trapped in the mattress, making it suitable for the whole year, even in high temperatures.

Memory mattress: g el memory foam model

From the name itself, this model is a pairing of the memory layer with a gel composition, which is divided into two types. The first type of gel is simply a heat absorber giving a cooling sensation for a comfortable sleep and constant temperature.

The second type is called "phase-changing". To translate, what this material does is phase change the temperature of the mattress. At some moments this gel absorbs heat and at another moment it releases it. This is because our temperature during sleep is never constant. To give the most natural feeling and for a sleep without worries, this material changes the temperature according to our movements, acting on the pressure points.

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