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Latex VS Memory Foam: Which Is For Me?

Latex VS Memory Foam: Cila bën për mua?
Latex mattresses have been used since the 1950s and are known for their longer lifespan than any other mattress. They are also known for being natural and healthy. If you are an environmentalist, latex is definitely the choice for you. On the other hand, memory foam is known for comfort, good pressure distribution and helps good blood circulation. But unlike latex, memory is a chemical substance. In the question of what is the best mattress, there is no correct answer. Both mattresses offer their advantages and the choice depends on the preferences and requirements of the individual. Latex has more elasticity and a more generalized support than memory foam. When used on a mattress, this means faster response to movements. Latex comes in natural, synthetic and mixed varieties. Memory Foam is a man-made foam with polyurethane and additional materials that create viscoelastic properties. When pressure is applied to this material, the mattress will hug and contour with that pressure. Response times (how quickly the mattress changes to pressure) vary based on the particular type of memory foam, but it still reacts more slowly than latex. For all those who think that if you have back problems you need a firm mattress; this is a myth. Memory foam is proven to be the best at hugging the contours of the body, creating very good support and leveling the body. Memory is also suitable for people who do not move during sleep. This material takes time to return to its original position. If you don't move, this mattress will provide you with the right comfort by duplicating the shape of your body and not exerting pressure. Good relationship with pressure points (shoulders, hips) makes it perfect for side sleepers, but not advisable for heavy weights. However, a major problem is heat transfer. The memory mattress absorbs body heat and this makes it uncomfortable especially in the summer. New models containing cooling gel are on the market, but this problem has not yet been fully resolved. On the other hand, the latex mattress is for anyone with opposite parameters and preferences. Latex is a natural material, good in the process of ventilation and air movement, providing freshness and constant temperature. It does not transfer movement as much as memory, so it is more solid. For people who move at night, this is the right mattress because it changes shape quickly and returns to its initial position. It provides good body support and combined with a soft pillow, it becomes a very good choice for those suffering from back problems. Undoubtedly, the strongest points of latex are the good air circulation and the fact that it is anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic. It is also an investment that lasts longer. Both mattresses have their renewed models and bring innovations to improve their characteristics as much as possible. The choice, however, should be made based on your personal experience, your sleep problems and the concerns you experience. In the meantime, take a look Latex and Memory lines that we have selected for you.
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