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Pranvera Gjana

Price, quality, correctness and cultured service🙂

Xhei Petrela

Very comfortable mattresses and at the best prices

Mikel Zavalani

The store on Kavaja street is easily accessible by all Albanians, as it is located on the edge of Kombëtare street! Here you can find a great variety of items that guarantee your maximum comfort....

Jola Hysenbegasi

You are a very serious company with qualified staff and very high quality products.

Vilma Mucaj

Very serious company, certified products and wonderful staff!

Angela Germeni

The best mattresses and maximum correctness.

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About Us


In 1993 we were the first to bring European quality to Albanian bedrooms.

Affordable prices for mattresses can start from €200 and vary based on quality, brand, size and other features .

Crafts created with quality European materials provide an excellent sleeping experience.

The bed is where all days begin and end. The hours of sleep are what make the difference.

Your mood, energy and productivity depend on these hours. Because a bed is more than the place where you sleep. It is the place where you relax after a long day. It is the place where you gather your strength for the next day. For more movement, more activity, more life.

The expression says that with an empty stomach you cannot philosophize. We say; with a bad sleep, you can't function.
That's why at Melvinflex we work hard to make these hours as valuable as possible.


Si të zgjedhësh jastëkun e duhur?

Si të zgjedhësh jastëkun e duhur?

Jeni lodhur duke u rrotulluar gjatë gjithë natës, duke u përpjekur të gjeni jastëkun e...
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Çfarë është një divan-krevat (Sofa bed)?

Çfarë është një divan-krevat (Sofa bed)?

Në një botë ku hapësirat janë të çmuara, zgjedhjet e mobiljeve shumëfunksionale janë tërheqëse për...
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Pse është koha për një dyshek të ri?

Pse është koha për një dyshek të ri?

Ndërrimi i dyshekut është një nga vendimet më të rëndësishme për shëndetin dhe mirëqenien tuaj....
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