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How to choose the right mattress?

Si ta zgjedhim dyshekun e duhur ?

The mattress you choose is very important to your quality of sleep and you should consider a variety of things when buying a new one . The mattress's relationship with you is independent of price or type of materials. If you wake up in pain, then it's time to invest in a new model. Comfort is the main indicator that you should consider if you are going to undertake the process of changing mattresses. But how can we choose the perfect mattress that will give us the comfort we need for years, without regretting the choice we made? Check out the following features :

1. The lifespan of your current mattress

If you've been using the same mattress for about eight years , maybe it 's time to change it . After a few years , their surface begins to sink and does not provide the former support . Some materials, such as latex, give a mattress a lifespan of 12 years. Some models even have no expiration date and can be used throughout life. But despite this, the good thing is that almost every decade you make a change.

2. The type that suits you

The best choice isn't always the most expensive mattress or the latest model: it's the ability to complement your body. Depending on your insomnia or back problems, you should choose the material that gives you the best solution.

3. The budget

According to the budget you have planned for your investment, you should make a selection of models and then examine them for other parameters. For this you will need an assistant well-informed about the products you are selling. If the person charged with the duty of serving you cannot help you with valid information to make the choice, then leave. You cannot make a lump sum investment.

4. Strength

Related to the second point, type and firmness are very important in your sleep. There are firm, medium and soft mattresses. The myth that goes around says that everyone who suffers from back problems should get a mattress with maximum firmness. This is not true. Do not base your choice on information that is always taken for granted, but is not true.

5. Sleeping position

If your sleeping position is on your side, you need a mattress with a firmness of 3-6 (where 10 is the maximum firmness). If you sleep on your back, the best firmness is between 4-7. If you sleep on your stomach, the firmness should be between 5-8. Also, the type of material is related to the sleeping position, as different materials exert different pressure forces on our body.

6. Weight

Support, temperature and aging over time are highly dependent on our body weight.
If you are 68 kg or less, low firmness mattresses are very suitable for creating comfort. At heavier weights, these mattresses can be uncomfortable as they create dips and collect heat along with your body. In light weights 3-4 hardness is perfect. If you are looking for a mattress with medium firmness, you should choose between 4-6. The maximum hardness suitable for these weights does not exceed 8.

The second weight group (68-90 kg) is the most favored. Most mattresses are designed with this group of people in mind. A 5-7 firmness mattress would be a choice that would certainly not disappoint. Maximum hardness should not exceed stage 8-9.

Weights above 90 kg should look for a mattress with an ample comfort layer. The comfort layer is the top layer of the mattress, which is in direct contact with the body. Soft mattresses that can complement these bodies are very hard to find. It is best to stay between medium and firm mattresses that go no higher than stage 8.5-9.

Once you've done these calculations, you're ready for a new mattress. In the meantime, take a look at the universal and differential mattress lines.

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