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Which mattress is right for me?

Cili është dysheku i duhur për mua?

Many people with back problems find that a very firm mattress will help to relieve their pain. This is not true. What you need is not a firm mattress, but a mattress that is comfortable enough to support your body. Here's how to decide which one is best for you:

High firm mattress

Our bodies are not flat. They have lines that must be respected and complemented by the surface of the mattress. When a mattress is too firm, you sleep on top of it and get no support. All the weight will be resting on two pressure points, resulting in poor circulation. If your mattress doesn't follow the contours of your body, then it's time to change it.

Very soft mattress

Such a mattress is bad for your back because it does not provide the support your body needs. If your mattress shows signs of sagging and forming sunken areas, we recommend that you replace it immediately. What happens with these mattresses is that you will end up sinking into it leading to feelings of discomfort and aggravation of spinal problems.

Mattress with the right firmness

The right mattress gives you both comfort and support. It feels soft and comfortable at first contact, but as you spend more time, it gives you full support. Your back is in the right position and the pressure of your body is distributed evenly. We call this progressive support. All our mattresses provide progressive support. We use high quality, 100% natural materials that meet your needs.

Depending on your body weight and personal preferences, we recommend the following:

##lt;60 kg: soft

60-90 kg: medium or strong

>90 kg: strong

In addition to weight, your height will help determine the ideal mattress.
Try our mattresses and you will know what we mean by perfect support.

Take a look codes our and make your choice. If you're still not sure, do test built by Melvinflex experts to discover the perfect mattress for you.

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